Truth & Courage

Lord, please be with us in this time of prayer. Help us to have Your eyes and Your heart as we seek Your movement on our behalf and on behalf of our country. 

We ask that You raise up truth - raise it up high above the lies, deception, & propaganda we are dealing with right now. Please convict those of us who follow You to speak what is true, to believe what is true, to hold fast to Your truth and to defend it. Please help us to lay down our desire to gain from whatever falsehoods we cling to. Please help us to pick up what is true and to surrender to You in this truth - that we might put truth above or before our own agendas.

Lord, we ask for courage - courage to cling to what is true and to cast off what is a lie. We pray for the courage to hold fast to You when we see loss associated with choosing truth over falsehood. Please help us to defend the truth, uncover the truth, demand the truth, reveal the truth - that we might stand in truth courageously, trusting that You will work things out for Your good pleasure when we cannot see how things will end. Please give us the courage to do what is right and to fight for what is right. Help us to give up whatever 'end' we seek and to choose the right 'means' or actions - even when we cannot see what outcome You will lead us into. Lord, let us confess that the end does not justify the means. Give us the courage to follow You in blindness, choosing actions that align with Your Word, Your heart, Your ways. Please give us the courage to surrender our control over the outcome so that You can work freely in our lives to achieve that which pleases You, not us.

Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, may You be lifted up in our hearts and in our daily lives this week. And may the light of Your presence grow ever brighter in this country.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Putting on the armor of god

Lord, thank You for the Helmet of Salvation. As a helmet identifies country and rank, thank You our identity in Christ. Thank you for the privilege of being one of many in the army of God. We put on the helmet of salvation, thanking You for our life in Christ. We ask that You protect our minds and help us to have the mind of Christ.

Lord, thank You for the Breastplate of Righteousness. We humbly come before You, acknowledging that our only righteousness is that of Jesus Christ though His work on the cross. As we put on the breastplate of righteousness, protect our hearts. Shape our hearts to be like that of the Father’s.

Lord, thank You for the Belt of Truth. As we gird it about the core of our being, let Your truth be central to our lives. Help us to read the truth, believe the truth, walk in truth, and speak the truth. May we be bearers of truth amidst darkness and deception.

Lord, thank You for the Shoes of Peace. As we put on these shoes, help us to walk throughout the daily kingdoms in which You have placed us, with peace and with dignity. Help us to be winsome and attractive to those with whom we interact each day. And as we walk, let each step reverberate, like sound waves through the ground, spreading awareness of the peace that life in Christ brings. And with each step, please heighten curiosity and desire to hear about and experience the Giver of peace.

Lord, we take up the Shield of Faith, thanking You for this protection from ALL the flaming missiles of the enemy. Thank you that we are protected from all and not just some of the enemy’s attacks. Help us to grow in our ability to wield this shield skillfully. Help us to shield others who may not be as strong or who may not know You. Help us to teach others to skillfully use their shield in time of need.

Lord, as we take up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, we thank You for Your word and for that season when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Help us to cut through the darkness with Your word so that we might advance Your kingdom in the name of Jesus. Help us to grow the light and  life that is the fruit of Your word each day.

So having done all this; this putting on of your armor, help us to stand. Help us to stand and to fight this war that is not of flesh and blood.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Against Deception

Lord, having done all this, we stand. We stand in the armor of God against darkness and deception.