Comments on #Charlottesville Uploaded 2017-08-21.

John Pavlovitz on CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera 08/13/17

Jake Tapper on CNN 8/14/17 Uploaded by NEWS1 on 2017-08-14.

Comments on #Charlottesville

Remarks by Randy Bohlender, Sr. Pastor of Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, KS regarding the violence and hatred in Charlottesville, VA on August, 12, 2017.

For the complete sermon, see Made for Influence.


John Pavlovitz on Racism in #Cville

Starting at around minute 13:32, John Pavlovitz shares his thoughts on racism and how the Church can respond to reflect Jesus. His blog post that is referenced is Yes, This is Racism.


Russell Moore on White Supremacy

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention weighs in on white supremacy after the incident in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, August 12. The segment starts at around 11:42.